Maybe I will be back soon. Bis dann.

ohne titel

good old boxhagener

walls and other interesting things


then we had kürbis suppe and long story short, it was a great night.

M and M found out what that extra key is for on their keychain.


I really liked this poster too. Its a pair of posters and they always hang side by side.

Kino International

The night when we saw Melancholia twice. For quality reasons.
(Btw its not only the nicest cinema, but also the most beautiful cinema ticket I have seen until now. Its printed with gold. I like that.)

and then there was THIS. at the Schönleinstraße. hello?!

And also in the HB, I saw this film, and it totally sucked me in.

it is called Anna Pavlova lives in Berlin

Tomás Saraceno in the Hamburger Bahnhof